One day Zuma was laying in his pup house, he really was sick. Sick of this winter weather. He was bumbed out.

Skye: Get up Zuma! Let's go play!

Zuma: I don't feel like it...

Skye: *sigh* Oh Zuma, winter is almost over. (Rubs against him) Please cheer up. (Walks away)

Zuma: She's right. I should cheer up.

Zuma was taking a walk when he went to the beach. Or course, all the sand was was snow. The water was just ice.

Zuma: (walking on the ice) *sigh* How I miss you sweet water. Waves like a summer dream. I know you're under this ice. (Kisses the ice)

Zuma wanted to go home, and stay there.

At the lookout......

Ryder: Sorry your so sad.

Zuma: I'm just tired.

Ryder: Ok. Tell us if you need anything. (Walks away)

Zuma: What now!? What!

A little bit of green popped out of the ground.

Zuma: *gasp*

A flower sprouted up.

Zuma: (smiling) Oh. (Sniffing it)

Pop! Another flower!

Zuma: Ahh! Oh my gosh!

A trail of flowers appeared.

Zuma: HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE! A trail of flowers in a field of snow?

He followed them to the beach.

Zuma: I don't believe this!

There was a tiny sail boat. A row of water was open!

Zuma didn't hesitate to jump on.


Chase: Zuma!

Rocky: ZUMA! 

Skye and Rubble: Come back!

Marshall: Wait!!!

Zuma: (waving) BYE!!!!!

Skye: Zuma.

At sea......

Zuma: THE WATER! THE SUN! Oh my...

A wave washed over him.

On ... uh... I'm not sure... :D

Zuma: (Moan)....



Girls: AHHHHH!

Zuma: *painting* I'm alive!

Girl: Uhh, yeah.

Zuma: We're you poking me with a stick!?

One girl: (shaking her head yes)

The other: (shaking her head no)

Zuma: Huh?

On was a Pomeranian with a dress made of water lillys (a pink pettaled flower with a lot of polin)

The other girl had a dress of white tulips

Zuma: Your wearing some flowers I followed here!

Girls: (look at each other) Oops!

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