It was finally the night of Zuma and Rocky's tickle fight and this time anything would be allowed including feather dusters.

Skye: I wish you both the best of luck. she said as she passed them the feather dusters and walked back to Chase's waiting side.

Rocky: Okay Zuma feel my feathers as they tickle your belly. he said tickling Zuma's belly.

Zuma: Hehehehe, nice try Rocky, but I'll just have to do this! he said laughing and reaching his feather duster and began tickling Rocky's very ticklish belly.

Rocky: Hahahahaha, tickle spot tickle spot, okay I give I give. he said laughing harder and harder until he was laughing so hard that he can't stop laughing.

Zuma: Alright then I'll let you sit there laughing while I claim my price. he said in a gloating voice as stopped tickling his helpless friend.

Skye: Then that settles it I declare Zuma the winner!

Chase: Good work to both of you, now we'd better go help Rocky stop laughing and believe me Zuma really knows how tickle me and of course Rocky into a state of submission.

The end

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