So then, Ryder grounded with Chase and Zuma, and got Marshall to Katie.

At the lookout.........

Zuma: I would never like you Skye!

Skye: Well, what about Marshall?

Chase: I'm sure he hit that tree a little too hard.

Zuma: Listen, I don't care if I'm grounded! I'm going to sneak out, and I want some Paw Patrol help!

Skye: I'm in!

Chase: Me too!

Ryder: Pups!

Skye: *gasp* Get to your pup houses!

Zuma: Come on!

Chase: Okay!

(They both run out)

Marshall: (wearing an ice pack) Hey Skye.

Skye: Hey, how are you doing?

Marshall: Fine.

Ryder: Skye, you and Marshall get to bed. I'll get Zuma and Chase.

Skye: K K!

Marshall: I'm sorry Skye, I didn't know that Zuma didn't like you.

Skye: It's cool.

(When they got inside Marshall fell asleep with Rubble and Rocky)

Skye: I'll wait for our plans!

The elevator opens up

Skye: *gasp* Ryder! (falls over and pretens to sleep)

Ryder: Sorry pups, but this is not okay!

Zuma: No!

Chase: Come on!

Ryder: I have your beds on the deck, so hopefully, you have learned your lesson.

Zuma: *sigh*


Skye: (gets up) Okay, I think Ryder is asleep.  (Runs outside)

In her pup house......

Skye: Here we go! Bark!

(Her wings open) (she flies to the top)

Zuma: (whispers) Skye!

Chase: (whispers) Yes!

Skye: What's the plan?

Zuma: Give me your pup pack, Chase, give me your flash light.

Both: Huh?

Scene changes......

Zuma: Okay. Bye!

Both: Bye.

In the sky......

Zuma: I feel silly in pink! I think that's her house!

At the door.......

Zuma: (wiper yells) Puppy! Puppy!

Princess: *gasp* Zuma!

Zuma: Hi! I...

Princess: (Jumps out) (hugs him) I love you too!

Zuma: (blushing) Hehehe. 

Zuma: I never got your name.

Princess: It's Princess. I can't believe you came!

Zuma: I'll see you tomorrow! (flies off) Bye!

In the sky he drew a heart with smoke

Princess: *sigh* I love you! (pulls out a mirror) Bread head?

At the lookout.........

Skye: How did it go?

Zuma: Great! (passes out) SNORE!

Both: Haha! (look at the heart) (and kiss)


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