Ryder: What do you mean less violent and why do you have a big bruise?

Marshall: Well Zuma beat-

Zuma: (steps on Marshall's toe, hard)

Marshall: As I was saying Zuma beat me at soccer and I umm... Ugh... Ahh bummed into the... Goal post! That's right I bummed into the goal post ya

Ryder: Ohhh I'll get the first aid kit and patch up those marks

A few minutes later Ryder left and looked for the first aid kit

Marshall: Ouch! My paw, my spotty paw you stepped on my poor spotty paw

Zuma: Ya, ya why did you say I liked Skye

Marshall: I meant Chase

Zuma: WHAT!?!?

Chase: (From a distance) (blush) W-W-WHAT!?!?

Skye: (From an even farther distance) WHAT!?!?

Zuma: whatever I've got to tell Princess that you meant Chase liked Skye not me!

Just then Chase ran in

Chase: No then she'll tell Skye I like her

Marshall: Why would she do that

Zuma: ya we'd tell her to keep it a secret

Chase: Come on guys girls never keep secrets from each other

Zuma: Huh?

Marshall: Ya huh?

Chase: you know girl power blah, blah, blah sister forever

Zuma: Ah

Marshall: Okay?

Zuma: Well I've still got to go and talk to Princess let her know it was all a misunderstanding

Chase: No! (Knocks him to the ground)

Zuma: What are you doing dude!?!?

Ryder: Got the first aid (sees them fighting) ... Kit?

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