This is the story of how Zuma first met Princess. (See her in Zuma's crush)

One day, the pups were playing in the dog park when Zuma was acting strange.

Skye: Go get it!!!! (throws a Frisbee)

Marshall: I got it! I got it!

Zuma: (jumps beside him) No! I'VE got it!

Chase: *gasp* ZUMA! MARSHALL! LOOK OUT!!!

They were running straight for 4 girl puppies having a picnic.

Zuma: OH! (stops)

Marshall: What did he say???


Marshall crashed into the tree behind the picnic. But he got peanut butter on Princess. (At this time, lab)

Zuma: Ooooh. Sowwy giwls.

Golden retriever: WHAT THE HECK!


Marshall: (stumbling up) Don't put your picnic here! Bread head!

Lab: What! Bread head?

Marshall: Because you're fur makes you look like a loaf of bread! Haha!

She didn't find his humor very amusing.

Zuma: MAWSHALL! (pushes him) Sowwy.

Lab: Oh, I mean, it's fine. 

(Zuma looks at her, she was SO beautiful! Her purple eyes, slick fur and cute looks had made Zuma's heart pound, his face turn red and make him sigh dreamy just by looking at her!) 

Lab: Um, are you okay there? 

(Zuma snaps out of his trance) 

Zuma: Oh wight, sowwy about that dudette... I'm Zuma....

Chase: Who's the peanut lady?

Zuma: Sh-sh she's the most beautiful pup in the wowld....

Lab: Your not to bad yourself. Hehehe!

Marshall: I thought you liked Skye!

Zuma: WHAT! 

Chase: WHAT!

Skye: (from a distance) WHAT!

Marshall: Yeah...

Lab: Skye. WHO'S THIS SKYE!!!

Zuma: She's, I don't, no no no! Not...

Lab: That's what I thought! (Walks off)

Zuma: Mawshall....

Marshall: Yes?

One beating later.......

At the lookout........

Ryder: Hi pups! How it go?

Marshall: (looks at Zuma) It could of gone better, or less, oh, VIOLENT!

Zuma went to the deck on the lookout.

Zuma: (watching the sun go down) *sigh* She was so pretty....

In the dog park.....

Poodle: Come on Princess!

Princess: *sigh* Okay. (Mumbles) Zuma is a nice name.

At the lookout.......

Zuma: *gasp* I knovew got hew name!!

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