Chapter 1Edit

Narrator: One day in Foggy Bottom there lived a old man and his kittens and every year the old man and his kittens were up to no good. You may think that the old man was good but unfortunately it was a bad sigh. So one nigth when everyone in Adventuer Bay was asleep the old men and his kittens takes everyone in Adventuer Bay but one pup.The next day when Zuma the lab woke up he was all alone.

Zuma: Hello. Anybody home. Oh no . Something happen to them.  I have to find them. Then he saw a sign that says Foggy Bottom Rule. Zuma: Foggy Bottom Rule. Humdinger. Narrator: Now Zuma know what was happening. Zuma: Don't worry dudes I'll save you guys. I have to get to Foggy Bottom to Save The Day. Narrator: Now, join Zuma on his greatest journey yet to save the day by himself. This is Zuma Save the day.

Chapter 2Edit

Zuma: Dun dun dun dun dun. Narrator: Later in Foggy Bottom. Ryder: Let us out of this cage. Humdinger: Like I would do that for you and your mutts. Once you guys are gone we will rule Adventure Bay. Zuma: Not today. Narrator: As our hero comes though the window. Everyone: Woah. Humdinger: What. Zuma: It's over Humdinger the end is near for you. Ariel: Zuma look out. Everyone: ( Gaps) Narrator: But Humdinger miss. Humdinger: What. Kittens get him. Tabby: No. We're tried of doing things your way. We want you to do things our way. Humdinger: Oh so what do you want me to do release everyone. Tabby: Yes. Humdinger: Men I hate that I have to do this. Tabby: Now. Say your sorry for capturing them. Humdinger: I'm sorry. Narrator: And so once again the day is save thanks to Zuma. The End.

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