"Zuma's Secret Fear" is a fan made episode of PAW Patrol. It takes place a couple weeks after "Pups Save a Toof."

Quick NoteEdit

If you saw the episode "Pups Save a Toof," then you probably know that, in order to help Alex get over his fear of the dentist, the PAW Patrol faced their fears. But what about Zuma's fear? I decided that Zuma's fear is... WAIT! You have to find out for yourself!


It was a nice, sunny day in Adventure Bay.

Chase's big dog teeth grew in, and the pups were playing in the park.

Skye: Hey, Zuma,I just wanna know, a couple weeks back, when we helped Alex and Chase overcome their fears of the dentist, why you didn't tell us what you were afraid of."

Zuma: *eyes widen.* "Uhhh...," he said.

The other pups, watching the little scenario, came running towards Zuma and Skye.

Zuma: Oh look, it's lunchtime, bye! *runs back to the lookout.*

Marshall: What happened?

Skye: I asked Zuma what he's afraid of, and then he got all nervous and ran back to the lookout.

Chase: Maybe, we should go to the lookout and try to talk to him again about what he's afraid of.

The rest of the pups then started running back to the lookout. Back at the lookout, Chase slowly approached Zuma's puphouse.

Chase: Hey, Zuma.

Zuma: What?

Chase: Can you please tell us what you're afraid of? I promise we WON'T tell anyone else.

Zuma: OK,I'm afraid of *gulp* going to the doctor.

Chase: What's so bad about the doctor?

Zuma: I'm not scared of EVERYTHING about the doctor, just the shots. I never got a shot before.

Chase: Oh, I get it, it's about to be your first checkup.

Zuma *nods.*

Chase: There's no reason to be afraid of getting shots, Zuma. I've gotten a shot before, and, honestly, I was afraid of it at first, but after I got it, I felt less afraid of them. Maybe you can do the same when you get your first checkup in a couple days.

Zuma: You really think so, Chase?

Chase: I'm sure.

A couple days later, Zuma went to the vet for his first check up, and, of course, got his first shot, with Chase and Ryder by his side, and he didn't cry once.

Zuma: Thanks for helping me, Chase.

Chase: You're welcome, Zuma.