Zoomer is a Spy Pup and he's Rocky's little Brother.

Bio: Edit

Zoomer is a Spy Pup/Secret Agent who works for Chase and a Secret Agent Spy worker.

Personality: Edit

He's Respectful and happy. He is Kind-hearted and will any pup in need. He is a Little bit Bossy and Snappy if you get on his nerves. He loves to play and help his big Bro Rocky.

Appearance: Edit

Zoomer is a Grey pup with Brown circle around his Left eye along with paws, and tip of tail. He has Blue crystal eyes and has a blue shirt.

Trivia: Edit

  • He is Controlled by a Secret Agent Expert.

Fears : Edit

  • Thunder and Lighting
  • Snakes
  • Hates Mud but likes water

Catchphrases : Edit

Coming soon~

Stories he appears in : Edit

By Me : Edit

None yet~

By Others : Edit

None yet~

Gallery <3 Edit

None yet ~

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