Zo is a Zorua from The Magical World.


Zo is known as the outcast of all the guardians. Due to his different appearance and being the Tricky Fox pokemon. In reality, he's the last one to even think of being sneaky, and he is really sweet and sensitive. He has a crush on Maria. When Lilac and Rocky find out about him, they try to help him make more friends and get him with Maria. Rainbow Dash made him a part of her Magical World club "The Loyaletes".


Though most Zorua tend to be sneaky and pulls illusion pranks, Zo is not like them. He's actually a romantic. He's also really very kind, but he's very sensitive about his feelings, mostly from being titled as "the outcast" and being picked on for his looks.


Zo is not like other Zorua in appearance as well. His eyes are an orchid color instead of a light blue color. Everywhere where there's supposed to be red on his body is instead pink. He also carries a blue rose in his mouth a lot.


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