Zinnia is a first gen pup. She is a young pup almost the same age as Ann tho a little older. And she is owned by PrincressHyperSkippy, though she is now owned by Thundebird1InternationalRescue, who adopted her from her creator. "note I'm not trying to couple Ann"

Personality Edit

She is very shy and cautious pup. Tho when u get to met her she is quite lively little pup she loves everyone who is nice to her. She loves to make new friends and cares about them.

Appearance Edit

She is a red patri-labradoodle. She is a is mostly red tho has red marks on her back. Also her face is half white and half red. She also got red spots on her legs.

Bio Edit

Somehow she ended up at the lookout in a basket. "more coming"

Stories she's in Edit

Fears Edit

(coming soon)

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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