Zig is a pup I adopted from zumarocks3390 I tweaked his personality and changed his eye colour

Appearance Edit

Zig is a Labrador Retriever with orange socks. The upper/middle part of his body is also orange along with the tip of his tail. He also has two black zig-zags on his legs and up along his face. he has two black polka dots on each of his shoulders. The rest of his body is golden and he has milky white eyes.

Personality Edit

Zig is known as "a pup of few words" but when he does speak everyone listens because he always has something useful or wise to say. He's optimistic but also a bit shy. He's friendly towards people or pups he knows well. He's very quit and usually keeps his muzzle shut unless anyone needs his advice or wisdom.

Bio Edit

Zig was born into a very poor family who used their dogs for fighting. When they found out he was blind he was immediately shunned by the family. They kept him chained to a tree and he almost starved until one day he finally got off the chain. He wandered around adventure bay until he was taken in by Ryder. he helps out when he can and loves to have fun with the other pups not letting blindness slow him down.

Trivia Edit

Quotes: Edit

"I'm not blind I just cannot see"

Random: Edit

the name Zig was thought of by wittlefuzzypuppehs

he has British accent and usually speaks in a fancy way like "oh how I missed you so"

he dislikes loud noises

He has a small fear of snakes

because he can't see he depends on his other senses (mostly hearing and his sense of smell)

Gallery Edit

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