This OC belongs to Aurora.


Zane is the sister of Piper.but he died after an attack of snow wolves. Before Piper's brother died,they had been through so much than a regular wild dog. Before his death, Zane had known Keena, who didn't tell Piper that she knew her brother. Keens would have told her sooner,but she knew that Piper would try to run away and go find him, which would have made the situation worse. Keena didn't tell Piper until after her birthday. And every where when Piper was on a mission, she found Zane's special mark he drew in the snow when he would mark where to go if he were lost.


Zane is mostly brown. He has pink eyes and a gray and brown tail. He has a dark brown leg and head and a light beige body.



Zane is the strong,silent type. He usually doesn't really talk, do it's no use to try to get him to. He will do anything to help a friend.

Random Trivia

  • He IS dead, but the marks in the snow have either been left alone, toggled with, and or snowed over
  • He had a crush on Keena, when he was alive
  • He and Piper were very,very competitive
  • He had always wanted to marry Keena

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