Zailey is a Border Collie who is a part of FPGOutlaw's Storyline. She debuted in "Pups and the Savior of Rocky".


Zailey is a master in mechanics. She used to be the assistant to a mechanic in his shop. One morning, she went to work, to find the shop closed, and the man no where to be found. She was roaming around, and found the PAW Patrol on a mission to help get a kitty and Rocky out of the mud puddle. She was the one to save Rocky, then start a relationship with him.




Zailey was first called on these missions:

Zailey has appeared in the following episodes:

  • Pups and the Savior of Rocky
  • Pups and the Changes



  • What needs fixing Ryder?
  • Let's fix it!


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