Alright so I was watching Bronies react last night when "You'll play your part" came on and I relized that this kinda fits with Koho and wanting to you know, Play his part as a snow pup So here you have the song.

Song Edit

Koho walked up to Icee, Luna and Tundra as they came back from a mission

"So what was I needed her for again?" Koho said looking at them.

"Ryder called you down here just in case we needed more pups and it turned out we didnt." Luna said looking at him.

"Oh.." Koho sighed.

"Whats wrong?" Luna said looking at him.

"Well it's just, I don't feel like I even have a purpose.." he sighed walking out onto the overhang.

"It isn't that i'm ungrateful for that Ive earned, all the journeys I have taken all the lessons that I have learned, but I wonder where i'm going now, I don't know how to travel to a future that I can't see.." He sighed. Tundra walked up behind him as he continued "I have that car I wear this tag, im a snow pup, this is true, But it's still unclear to me, just what I am meant to do, I wanna have a purpose, wana do all that I can, I wana make a contribution I wanna be a part of the plan." Tundra waked up behind him placing a paw on his shoulder.

"Your destiny's Uncertain, and that's sometimes hard to take, but it will become much clearer, with every new choice you make" Luna walked next to Tundra.

"Patients is never easy, I understand wanting more, I know how hard it is to wait to spread out your wings and soar!" Luna sang leaning against the railing.

"But you stand here for a reason, your gifted and you are strong that tag is around your neck because you belong!" Icee added in. Tundra and Luna joining in.

"Know that your time is coming soon, as the sun rises so does the moon and love finds a place in every heart you are a Snow pup you'll play your part" The three said in unison.

"We understand you wanting more! A chance to shine a chance to soar!" Luna sand at the three walked around Koho.

"Soon will come the day it turns around!" Icee said before Tundra and Luna jumped in again standing in front of him again.

"Know that your time is coming soon as the sun rises so does the moon as love finds a place in every heart you a snow pup you'll play your part." They all said Tundra walking up to Koho and placing her paw on his shoulder again.

"You are a snow pup, you'll play your part." She finished.

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