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York is a stray pup and part of Chantelle's stray gang. He is the cousin of Marshall, Valentine, Bentley and Angie. He is owned by MidnightCollies.


York is a Dalmation, Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix. He wears a black and white checked neckerchief and has blue-grey eyes. More tba


York is a very relaxed and laid back pup. More tba

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  • He was created/"born" on the 9th of July, 2015.
  • He has a crush on Shelly and is extremely protective of her.
  • He has a New York accent.
  • Hes extremely lazy so when Marshall comes to play with him he usually just sleeps while his younger cousin is running about the place and tripping over him while doing so.
  • He is an only pup and has no siblings.
  • He has a fear of Raccoons. When he was learning how to drive he though he hit a raccoon, when he went out to investigate he saw that he hadn't even touched the creature. To be sure, he went over and picked it up to check if it was alright, only to have it scratch him in the face. Ever since then he has been mortal enemies with raccoons.
  • He can get quite frustrated when he gets stuck in traffic jams, often yelling loudly and beeping the car horn when he does.
  • he's obsesssed with Alien movies, his favourite being the movie E.T.
  • As a pup, he lived in Foggy Bottom with his mother. His father abandoned them both before he was born. His mother was extremely loving and caring of him, and even though York soon grew and became the same size as her, she still loves him like a baby.
  • He's a big time city pup, loving the homely feel of busy and loud neighbourhoods. Since he was born in New York, the city he's names after, he's well used to the big city life. He hates the country, he's not an outdoorsy kinda pup at all.


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