He is a .___pup. He is made for Vixiedog.

Personality Edit

He is very adventurous . He loves to explore different areas's. He is friendly he is also kind. Tho sometimes he's a bit to adventurous and..may get him in trouble. Tho he's smart so..if that happens he won't do it again.

Appearance Edit

He is a small mix breed. He's the size of Skye. He is a black dog. His fur is short. He's got pointy straight up ears. He has two brown dots on his leg.

Bio Edit

Yoada had a awesome life. He lived in a rich family and who spoiled him like crazy. He loved being spoiled until one day he herd his owners say that he is not the right dog for them. So he was going to go to the pound. With that Yoda decide to run off and find a new family who actually loves him.

Stories he's in Edit

Fears Edit




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