Xavier an Alaskan Malamute pup is owned by Sportthewolfsky

Appearance Edit

Xavier has a white socks and under belly, his muzzle is also white and the tip of his tail. The rest of his is black. He has a pink scar over his eye after fighting another dog while defending his little brothers, he also has a yellow bandana around his neck.

Personality Edit

Xavier is cold and distant to almost everyone, he has trust issues and slightly socially awkward. He has a huge soft spot for his little brothers Casey, Kyle and Heath, he'll do anything to protect them and is very over protective. He loves them with all his heart and would put his life on hold for them.

Bio Edit

when he was little he was little he grew up on the streets with his mother and father. When his mom was pregnent with his brothers their dad up and left abandoning them. Awhile after the pups were fully weaned his mother was caught by a dog catcher. He was forced to raise his brothers by himself as he had no other relatives to go to. He likes to look in the windows of other family's, especially the lookout because he loves how they're all together.

Trivia Edit

Crush: Edit

though he secretly wants a mate and pups, he'd rather focus on his brothers right now then anything else.

Random: Edit

*his main fear is loosing his brothers

*he loves bacon

*he doesn't like bees or wasps of any kind

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