this is a collab between Aurychase and Chase the police pup555


Arial is practicing to fly around and Canon is investigating with Conan .. what will happen if something should happen? fate will bring Canon and Arial together?


soon.. more


Canon was walking with Conan, and immediately expressed his concern "Conan? Are you sure about this?"

"Of course!" Conan said, "we have to find out if the skunk stole our lunch!" he continued, "you have no idea how hungry I am!?" Canon said trying to calm him down.

"But I said I think that I saw a skunk!" Conan replied

Canon replied"all right! trust me!"

"Wo-hoo!!"Arial said as she zoomed through the air.

"You got it?" Anny said.

"Of course I do!" Arial replied.

"Can I fly to the mountain and back?" Arial asked eagerly.

"Sure, be safe though." replied Anny.

"Yay!!, bye mom!" Arial said. "Now which way?" she looked at her helmet,"N orth!"



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