Wendy and Bradley belong to Lunar Lex.
Wendy and Bradley

Left: Wendy, Right: Bradley

They are Bugsy and Toffee's parents. Bradley is Carly's father as well.


Wendy is a very soft-spoken and caring mother. However, she was a bit daring and always tried to encourage her kids to get some fresh air. Wendy loves that her daughter and stepdaughter are in the Paw Patrol, because they're doing a lot to help others.

Bradley (Brad for short) is a bit more laid-back than his wife. He's cool with almost evrything his kids do, and is very close to both of his daughters.


After Bradley broke up with Paige due to not getting along with her, he took Carly with him. Brad ended up meeting Wendy, who was an escaped pet from a cruel owner. He fell for her instantly and the two corgis ended up falling in love. Wendy later had Bugsy and Toffee. Carly loved her younger siblings to bits, and tried to be the best big sister she could.

Later on, everything changed. Bugsy wandered off and her parents couldn't find her. And just when they thought nothing could get sadder, Toffee ended up dying of leukemia. Wendy and Bradley were torn, Carly was too. The the three were sad for weeks until Carly decided to go look for Bugsy, because she very well could be alive. Carly searched the entire town and found the Paw Patrol, where Bugsy was. The two sisters happily reunited. Carly told Bugsy everything, about Toffee and how much her parents missed her. This made Bugsy sad, but she felt better later on when her sister became a hero and saved four pups from getting crushed by a tree. Carly was hurt, but not hurt too bad. After she healed, the corgi and the corgi mix went back to their alley, and Wendy and Bradley were overjoyed and proud of their daughters.

Around the time Bugsy married Adam, Wendy and Bradley got adopted by a couple who lived in a large apartment. They still visit their daughters every chance they get.


Wendy is a light golden color with a brown saddle on her back and a few brown freckles. Her eyes are blue like Bugsy's, and she has white going from in between her eyes to the bottom of her belly. Along with that, her back paws are both white.

Bradley's coat is a red color similar to Bugsy's, only a bit darker. All four of his paws have an even darker red color, and he has white from in between his eyes to the tip of his tail that has a slightly reddish tint. His eyes are golden like his daughter Carly's.


  • Bradley is allergic to cats.
  • Toffee's eye color is brown, which is strange because neither of his parents had that eye color. Bradley knows his mother's eyes were brown, so that's probably why Toffee has brown eyes.

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