He works along side Chesire in their stray pack alley

Bio Edit

He was never wanted by his siblings so he ran away. He learned how to survive on the streets and soon ran into Chesire. They became friends and when they found an alley with lots of cardboard boxes and an abandoned bowl they made it their home and started the stray pack alley

Appearance Edit

Crack pups

Walnut is mostly brown with white and brown/orange markings. She has a white underbelly and on his front paws socks and toes. He has white spots scattered on his ears. He has a brown/orange mussel and tail tip. He wears a dark green collar that he was wearing when he ran away so it is a bit faded and beat up but he won't find another one. He has dark green eyes.

Personality Edit

He has fun and friendly and very nice. He is always happy to help others and is easily tricked into doing things. He is also easily presided and doesn't get mad very easily. When he does he gets a deep voice and his eyes become ice.

Crush Edit

He has a crush on Chesire after getting to know her

Trivia Edit

  • His mom was the only one who liked him
  • Sometimes he has breakdowns and the little puppies console him. By tickling him

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