Chapter 1:

It was like a normal day for Skye and Chase there were trying to wake up all the other pups. When they got all the other pups up they saw something that wasn't right.

Ryder: Skye and Chase it isn't morning.

Skye: But it is 8:00.

Chase: But if it is 8:00 then how come it is still dark Ryder'

Ryder: Yeah you are right I wonder why the sun isn't up lets go find out. Skye you fly and see if you can find why the sun isn't out see if some thing is blocking if . Me and Chase will go and try to wake everyone up.

Chase and Ryder go and try to wake everyone up but no one will wake up until the sun is up.

Skye:Ryder i found the sun'

Ryder: Well what is wrong with it.

Skye: Well it is asleep and it want wake up i don't know what to do. I've tried to wake but she want wake up.

Chapter 2:

Ryder: We are on our way Chase can wake her up with his siren.

When Ryder and Chase arrived there they tried to to wake her but she wouldn't wake up but they tried one more time and the sun woke up. They thought that they solved the problem but the sun couldn't move.

Ryder: Okay now you can wake everyone up Sun.

Sun: I can't! I'm stuck I've tried all night to get unstuck but I can't!

Ryder: What are you stuck on.

The sun did not know. All she new was when she was going down for the moon she got stuck half way down. Now the whole world was dark.

Ryder: Skye I need you to see if you can find what she is stuck on okay.

Skye: This pups gotta fly.

Skye: I think I see what is wrong. Part of the Sun is stuck on. Two mountains closed into gather and now they are clamped down on the sun.

Ryder: Okay I will have Rubble try to push both the mountains apart.

Chapter 3:

Rubble: I almost got it!

Ryder: When Rubble gets the Mountains apart far enough grab the Sun with a rope.

Rubble: Okay I got it Skye pull it out okay.

Skye: I got it.

As Skye pulled the sun out when she went up now the moon want go down. The moon wouldn't wake up nothing would wake it up.

Ryder: Whats going on up there why isn't the moon going down.

Skye: it want wake up what are we doing to do.

Chase i think i know what to do ( HONK!) Hahaha!

Ryder: well that did the job, Hahahah! Okay lets go wake everyone up'

When they arrived back to town everyone started waking up and no one ever new what had happened. They went to the look out and went to sleep. The Paw Patrol saved Adventure Bay once agin.

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