Another adopted pup (man i really need some self control xD) from Lunar-lex that belongs to Tundrathesnowpup 


Vinnie is a long furred german shepherd, he's got dark markings on a hood on his head and ears, muzzle, back, and tail tip, along with a bit of a "wing" coming from the corners of his eyes. He's got dark pine green eyes and wears a yellow collar. His badge has an orange background with a stoplight


Vinnie is a very shy and cautious pup. He's like a big teddy bear and enjoys cuddling. He's always concerned about others, especially children's, safety, so he joined the Paw Patrol as their crossing guard pup. Even though it may not seem like it, he's pretty brave.


  • He was adopted by Alex Porter and he loves the little guy with all his heart. He loves to cuddle him and night and make sure he gets to school safely every morning, where he then begins his job as a crossing guard
  • He does not live with the PAW Patrol and mostly stays with the Porter's since he's needed with Alex and the Elementary school instead of other places. Though he has a tag, he's not quite an Official PAW Patrol member. Like Alex, he's an Honorary member. He doesn't go on missions, but has a place in the team
  • He really wants to befriend Garrett but unfortunately that will never happen xD he is unaware that Garrett believes that Vinnie "stole" Alex from him
  • He's close friends with Krapfen and Maranda
  • After spending a lot of time with Gluty while she's helping Mr. Porter in the kitchen, he began having feelings for the sugary pup~ The two eventually get married and have four sweet puppies of their own, Muffin, Macaron, Fondant, and Strudel
  • He has a younger sister (though in the same litter) named Vicki

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