This was a pup that was adopted by Mystic Eevee from SmokythePolicePup


A pup that comes from Crescent Bay and is a neighboring pup to Alfalfa and she lives with a five year old and her father who adopted her for his daughter for her fifth birthday after rescuing her from the shelter before she was planned to be put down.


Velvet is a Fox Terrier with black fur on her face except for her muzzle which is white like the rest of her body. She has a short stubby tail and has pink eyes and a gold-colored collar with a blue pup-tag with a picture of a money on it.


Velvet is a calm, sweet pup. She cares more about others than herself.  Velvet will always try to cheer up another pup when they are depressed or upset. She hates seeing sad faces and often serves as a peacemaker when two other pups are fighting.


Accountant pup

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A Surprise Vistior

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