Valentines Day Special: Pups Save Zuma
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date February 19, 2014
Written by FPGOutlaw
Directed by FPGOutlaw
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(First) Pups and the Chamber

What’s up guys? It’s FPGOutlaw here, you may know me, as I am an avid editor on the actual Paw Patrol Wiki. I’m going to try and take a stab at this Fanon Script stuff, this is my first one, stay with me, my skills will get better.

This first story made by me is labeled “Valentines Day Special: Pups Save Zuma”, which will tell the story of how Zuma got himself in a “sticky” situation, which he then needed the PAW Patrol to save him. It’ll also give some twist to the ole’ “Skye and Chase thing”, with a little more Zuma involved. This would take place as an episode that could air right now.

The usual reminder: Don’t edit this or post picture unless you are me (FPGOutlaw), or an Admin who sees something wrong with this. Comments are fine though!

Dialogue and Synopsis Edit

- It was the NICEST day in Adventure Bay. Almost around 70 degrees, the snow melted, and most of the ice did as well. It was a perfect day to go to the beach.

Skye: Well, that soccer game was fun!

Zuma and Marshall: Agreed.

Rocky: Hope you all had fun. I was kept busy with this new surf board!

- Rocky pulls out this surf board, made out of spare parts from his truck. He decided to stay at the Lookout while Chase, Zuma, Skye, and Marshal played soccer. Rubble was asleep in his pup-house, even though it was almost 4 in the afternoon.

It turned out, that today was Valentines Day. Rocky pulled Chase aside.

Rocky: Who should I give this too?

Chase: (too himself) Not Skye, anyone but Skye.

Rocky: Well, who?

Chase: Zuma might like it, or why don’t you just keep it for yourself?

Rocky: Well, that would involve getting close to water.

Chase: *Sigh*, so then you could give it to Zuma.

Rocky: Good idea Chase!

- (Screen changes, with Zuma’s badge on the screen)

Rocky: Zuma, I have a present for you.

Zuma: On Valentines Day? Isn’t this kinda weird?

Rocky: That’s beyond the point. Follow me, I’ll show you what I made you.

Zuma: I’m kinda freaked out dude, but OK.

  • (The screen changes with Rocky’s badge)

Rocky: Look at this!

Zuma: WOW! This is amazing! The entirety of this surf board is beautiful!

Rocky: I’m glad you like it.

Zuma: Let’s take it to the beach now!

Rocky: I guess we could, as long as I don’t get wet!

  • (The screen changes, now with a mixture of Rocky’s and Zuma’s badges)

  • So Zuma gets the surf board ready. Both him and Rocky are unaware of the surf board’s problems. Rocky used a lot of duct tape, which started to peel off when Zuma got in the water.

Rocky: Zuma, look out!

  • Zuma was unaware of the fact that there was still small chunks of ice in the Bay. He tries to avoid a chunk, but ends up falling off the surf board, which gets shredded into pieces in the process, and smacking his head on the ice. Luckily, he landed on the ice and not in the water.

Rocky: Oh NO! I better call Ryder!

  • Rocky calls Ryder.

Ryder: Is everything alright Rocky?

Rocky: NO! Zuma was surf boarding on the new surf board I made him, but he ended up smacking his head on some ice, and is knocked unconscious. Could you help?

Ryder: No job’s too big, no pup’s too small!

  • All the pups get called to the Lookout. (One elevator scene later)

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir! Well, most of us!

Ryder: This time, we don’t need to help a resident of Adventure Bay, we need to save Zuma!

Skye: Oh no *Whimpers*, I hope he’s OK.

Chase: (Thinks) I could cheer her up. Oh never mind.

Ryder: Chase, I’ll need you to block traffic so we can get to the Bay, and back, as quickly as possible!

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: Rocky!

Rocky: *Woof!*

Ryder: I’ll need you to take control of Zuma’s hovercraft, and help him off the ice.

Rocky: (Whispers) I’m not too sure about this one, I hate getting wet.

Ryder: Rocky?

Rocky: Let’s...Dive in?

Ryder: PAW Patrol, is on a roll!

  • Some cinematic scenes later...

Rocky: Zuma is still unconscious, let me help him! OH NO!

  • Immediately, a baby whale comes along, and accidentally hits the ice, knocking Zuma into the water, he barely wakes up and starts swimming for his life, but the whale is in his way of the Bay, so he thinks he’s completely lost.

Zuma: Hello? “Whocky?” “Whyder?” “Skye?”

Chase: (To himself) Of course he thinks of Skye...

Rocky: Hold on Zuma, I’m coming.

  • Rocky is afraid to go into the water, even on Zuma’s hovercraft. But as soon as Zuma starts to pass out again, he realizes it’s now or never.

Rocky: Green means GO!

  • Rocky immediately goes to Zuma in the hovercraft, and tries to reach for an unconscious Zuma, Rocky falls in during the attempt!

Rocky: HELP! Chase! I’ve fallen in!

Chase: (To himself) Let me call Ryder, he can get Skye in, oh boy I could see her in action!

Chase: Ryder!

Ryder: You seem sad Chase, what’s wrong?

Chase: Rocky has fallen into the water, he can’t swim, and Zuma is unconscious! The ice and water is too dangerous for me to go into, we need Skye.

  • Ryder immediately hangs up to call Skye. The scene changes, with Skye’s badge. IT shows Skye flying in.

Skye: This pup’s gotta fly!

  • Skye lowers the hook on her helicopter to Rocky, who grabs Zuma (Who is still unconscious). Skye starts to bring them to shore, when Rocky drops Zuma into the water. Skye didn’t know, nor could she hear Rocky, so she continued to the shore.

Skye: Where’s Zuma?

Rocky: You couldn’t hear me could you? I dropped him!

Skye: You WHAT?!?!?!?

  • Skye immediately gets her wings, and goes out to grab Zuma, who miraculously is small enough to where he floats.

Chase: (To himself) This is too tough to watch!

Skye: These pups have gotta fly!

  • Skye then immediately brings Zuma to shore, where they are joined by Rocky and Chase. Skye has to preform some sorts of CPR, with a part including mouth-to-mouth. After Chase saw that, he slowly backed away, almost crying.

Zuma: W-W-What happened?

Skye: You took a fall on your surf board. Rocky then fell in, so it was up to me to save you guys.

Zuma: So what exactly did you have to do do?

Rocky: Well, first, Skye gave me her hook to lift me out of the water, and I tried to carry you, but I ended up dropping you in seconds.

Skye: So I brought Rocky to shore, unaware that he dropped you.

Zuma: And I managed to stay asleep during this entire thing?

Skye and Rocky: Pretty much, Yes.

Skye: Where did Chase go anyways?

Rocky: I’m not sure.

Zuma: Finish the story!

Rocky and Skye: Ok, OK!

Skye: So then I used my wings, and easily got you, carried you back to shore.

(Zuma started to smile here)

Skye: Then, when you were on solid ground, I had to preform CPR, as it would allow for all the water that you took in while unconscious, get out of you.

Zuma: What types of CPR?

Skye: Uhh, the usual.

Rocky: She did mouth-to-mouth.

  • Zuma and Skye both start to blush at that point, you could easily tell that they both were sorta turned on by the situation. When Rocky started to laugh, they both yelled at him. In the background, you could see Chase, in a hearing distance from them. Chase started to cry louder after seeing this, to the point where Skye heard him. Skye went over to him.

Skye: What’s wrong Chase?

Chase: I can’t do this anymore.

Skye: What?

Chase: Can I tell you something Skye?

Skye: Ummm, sure?

Chase: I am in love with you, and I always have been.

  • There was a short pause between the two pups. Chase became increasingly worried as the pause lengthened. Skye finally spoke.

    Skye: Awwe Chase, why didn’t you tell me sooner?

    Chase: I’ve never thought you liked me back.

    Skye: Now that you mention it, I did tell Zuma a little while back that I did like you, I’m surprised that he never mentioned it.

    Chase: Well, I guess now’s my perfect chance. Skye, will you go out with me?

    Skye: Of course I will Chase! (Skye and Chase hug)

    • As Rocky and Zuma looked on, they noticed Skye and Chase hugging. They both looked at eachother, laughed, and walked towards them.

    Rocky: Well, would you look at that, the newest couple of Adventure Bay! *Giggles*

    Chase and Skye: Oh Rocky! *Laughs*

    Zuma: *Whispers to Chase* Good job dude!

    Chase: *Whispers to Zuma* Thanks a lot Zuma.

    • The 4 pups (In the order of Rocky, Chase, Skye, and Rocky from left to right), walk on the beach together, as the sun is setting. The last scene you see is of the shadows of Skye and Chase kissing, with Zuma and Rocky walking off. The episode ends with no ending song, but a little lullaby-sounding music.

    THE END!


    PAW Patrol:

    • Marshall
    • Rubble
    • Chase
    • Rocky
    • Zuma
    • Skye
    • Ryder

    Pups in actionEdit

    • Chase: Block traffic to the bay.
    • Rocky: Take control of Zuma's hovercraft to get him out of the water.
    • Skye (backup): Fly down to Rocky to get Zuma out of the water.
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