This is a description page of the Under PAWs-superhero team from their movie.



(How GoldenLatias6 came up with this idea) On March 19, 2014, I decided to watch some of my recordings from the TV. I watched a few PAW Patrol, Pokemon, and LPS episodes. Then I watched "Power Ponies". I saw how the protagonists were all sucked into the comic book and became superheroes. I was thinking "Hey, how about I make that happen to the PAW Patrol?" But then, I needed a name. That's when I saw one of the DVDs I owned "Underdog". I pretty much got inspiration there. That's how the idea of the Under-PAWs originated.


One day, some traveling merchant decides to toss out a book that he finds useless, until he gives it to Chase, who planned to give it to Rocky. Later, he, Skye, Marshall, Rocky, Lilac, Zuma, Penelope, and Rubble were all examining the book. It was titled in a simple way "Under-PAWs".

The story started with a German Shepherd pup who was forced to be trained to be a police dog until he got fired since he can't smell. Later, he was suddenly taken to a lab, where he and 7 other pups get covered in a bunch of different colored liquids and gain strange abilities. They escape the lab and soon get a home with a family who's bond is broken up. Then-- the story ends abruptly.

Then, the pups touch the book at the same time and end up in the book. Check out the adventure when it comes.



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