Up in the sky! Are they birds? Are they planes? Are they.... coleslaws? No! It's the Under-PAWs! And their flying to the rescue in their own movie!.... this fall.


Chase finds an empty book that is said to be enchanted. And it really is enchanted because he, Marshall, Rubble, Penelope, Zuma, Rocky, Lilac, and Skye have all been pulled into a city world where they become the Under-PAWs. Now they must save the city of Pup-tropolis from being taken over by a mad genious and get a broken family back together. Together, they show that anyone can be a superhero if they just take the time to help someone out.


Each one of the Under-PAWs can fly, run super fast, and are all super strong. This list below shows their individual powers.

  • Lt. Star (Chase): Lt. Star can hear and see things for miles away. So when there's trouble, he'll hear or see it. Until later, he can't smell even a pup treat in front of him, He is also the strongest of the Under-PAWs.
  • Breezie (Skye): Breezie has super strong breath that can blow an elephant all the way across the city.
  • Rain-Spot (Marshall): He is actually faster than the other pups, but he's so fast, he keeps breaking everything in his path.
  • Bull-Cat (Rubble): Bull-Cat can really dig deep in seconds.
  • Nurse P (Penelope): Nurse P actually has a super bark. Also, when she gets really angry, especially when bad guys hurt the other pups, she turns into a giant werewolf pup. After she calms down, she returns to her puppy self again. 
  • Sonar-Stare (Zuma): Sonar-Stare can move things with his mind, but he can't hypnotism, much to his disappointment. He also has a stare that can melt metal.
  • Eco-Lights (Rocky): Not only can he use special lights, but he can make anything out of anything.
  • Petal Ranger (Lilac): She can alter plant growth and shape.

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