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This was inspired/based off a short story with Confetii and Poptart my friend (Lunar Lex) Send me over Notes on DA

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Story Edit

Poptart sat up and yawned.

“Todays the day!” She said to herself “The day I tell her that I love her.” She said walking out of her pup house happily. But what she saw in front of her friends Pup house made her heart break. Dakota was standing there waiting for Confetii to get up. Poptart saw the door open and Confetii walk out. Dakota eagerly handing her the flower. Poptart was about to look away when she saw Confetii rock her head sideways, say a few things and Dakota walk away Upset. Poptarts heart soared as she skipped over too the tan and black husky.

“Hey Poptart!” Confetii said smiling and giving her friend a hug.

“Hey Confetii, I have something to tell you..” Poptart said feeling the words suddenly stick to the back of her throat.

“Yeah?” Confetii said cocking her head too the side.

“Well...we have been friends for a while and I have been feeling different around you and..” Poptart started the words not leaving her mouth.

“Poptart?” Confetii said. Poptart sighed leaning in and planting a warm kiss on Confetiis lips. She pulled back and sighed.

“I love you..” She said blushing. Confetii was dumbfounded as she leaned down grabbing Poptarts paws.

“You dont know how long I have been waiting to hear those words!” Confetii said tackling her jack russle friend. Poptart smiled Hugging the husky before letting go so the two could run off and play.

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