Twizz is the candy pup for Deaton's Paw Patrol

Bio Edit

When she was young she loved to watch her owner make candy and wanted to make some herself. At night she would sneak downstairs and make candy. Her owner would fid it as a surprise and loved it. One night her owner went out on a car trip and was in a car accident. Twizz packed up candy making supplies and went out into the streets. One day she meet Deaton's PAW Patrol and made candies for them. They affered her to become their candy pup and she accepted.

Appearance Edit

She is a mutt and has a reddish brown coat with white markings. She has white ear tips and tail tip and has white front socks. She has dark reddish brown spots on the back paws. She wears a bright red collar and her badge has a blue background with a hershey's kiss on it.

Personality Edit

She is very upbeat and happy and loves to play. She is super friendly and loves to make new friends. She is often on a sugar rush and can talk very fast and hop all around when she gets like that.

Crush Edit

I am in the process of her crush.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite candy is Twizzlers
  • She eats candy a lot and sometimes puts sugar in her pup food in the morning
  • She has a lot of nicknames like Twizz-a-Lizz, Twizzler and Twizzsugar

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