Apperance Edit

Twister is a Tan and Light Tan shibu inu

He wears an Aqua and light blue uniform. His top being like a regular top. His outfit is light blue with an aqua collar, rings around his arms and around his middle. He also wears a pair of Goggles similar to ski goggles

Personality Edit

Hes very happy and optimistic. Very different then Thunder and more like Confetii. He looks on the bright side and loves to talk with pups. He also loves making other pups smile. He isn't always as hype as Confetii and he knows when he needs to be serious. x

Bio Edit

Twister was found in the back of a weather station. He had been a famous weather dog who would 'predict' the weather (All he would do would repeat what he was told) but after meeting Thunder he started to have some feelings for her. He was able to persuade Ryder into making him her Trainee.

After learning about Dakota he got really upset but he liked working as a storm pup so he continued to train because of how much he really did enjoy his job.

Trivia Edit

Catchprases Edit

  • "Gotta keep Warm durring the Storm"
  • "This little fella needs an Umbrella"
  • "No Storm Can Blow me away" (Tundra)

Vehicle Edit

He drives a light blue and metal colored van that can transform into a weather safe vehicle that bolts itself to the ground so he can observe weather

Pup Pack Edit

  • Umbrela
  • Radar (so he can keep tack of storms)
  • Emergency Blanket

Random Edit

  • He has a fear of heights after his vehicle malfunctioned and he almost died after a tornado picked up his vehicle
  • Hes good friends with Candle and Astropup

Crush Edit

For a long time he had a huge crush on Thunder and after failing to make her fall for him he deiceded to ask her out, finding about Dakota he ditched training for a few days but after meeting Parka and finding out that she was in the Paw patrol he started to go back to training hoping that someday he would win her over

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