These are third gen pups that belong to Sarah the FBI pup and exist in her main universe

pups Edit

Star and Oliver fell in love with one another almost the minute they saw each other. They started dating for a year, then finally married. They ended up having three puppies, all little girls. SJ, Halo, and Kali.

Info Edit

SJ: She's very sweet and loving. She is very innocent and hates being left alone. She is neither more a mommies pup nor a daddies pup. She is BOTH. She cares about every little soul she comes across.

Halo: Is very Tomboyish. She loves to run around and have fun. She is a daring pup, and will do things others would think twice of doing. She is a little ball of energy.

Kali: She is very laid back and calm like her mother. It takes quite alot for her to get angry, and is a very good listener. She is very caring and passionate. She is a deep thinker and is very positive.

Appearance Edit

SJ: She has her mother's build, even has the half cropped ears. She is a tawny caramel color. Her muzzle and face are a light sandy color. Her eyes are brown. Her paws are the color of her fathers main fur color. Her collar is yellow

Halo: She has her father's build but is a light sandy color. She has a muddy brown splotch over her left eye. Her eyes are a light violet color. Her back is a dark grey-blue, while her tail is black. Her collar is a Dusty brown.

Kali: TBD

Uniform/job Edit


Halo: A dare devil pup. her uniform is black.

Kali: A air rescue pup

Family Edit

Star(Sarah): mother

Simon: uncle

Cinnamon: aunt

Sarah the FBI pup: grandma

Zuma: Grandpa

Courage: cousin

Beatrice: cousin

Giral: cousin

Waterfall: cousin

Candycane: cousin

Oliver: father

Charity: aunt

Faith: aunt

Sasha: grandma

Wasp: grandpa

Trivia Edit

  • SJ's real name is Sarah jr.
  • Halo was named before her parents found out that she was a Tomboy
  • Kali was named after Cali the cat, but made the 'c' a 'k'
  • All three are very close to their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Fears Edit

SJ: the dark and being alone

Halo: crocodiles

Kali: Claustrophobia

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