Twili is a magic golden retriever

Bio Edit

Twili was not always magic. When helping out a princess on a far away island a spell went wrong giving her magic powers and blasting her to Adventure Bay. The spell gave her nature and water powers. She was found by Tala and taken home by her. She regained strength and started working at the Knit Stitch and added a section for her and her own classes and a smaller classroom for powered pups.

Appearance Edit

Twili is a golden retriever, She has a white mussel and ear tips. She has white socks that look a bit like Princess Luna's and she has a bit of a fringe that is light yellow.

Personality Edit

Twili is a shy and loyal companion, but she can be a bit stubborn. She has fun entertaining Tala and her family with her powers.

Crush Edit

Please feel free to suggest one for her

Trivia Edit

  • She once made flowers grow on yarn and Tala used it a design and customers loved it
  • She loves to grow flowers and has one in her power classroom
  • She calls the room that she uses for pups with powers her power room.

Random Edit

  • Her name was from Twilight's nickname
  • She was going to be a husky but I thought golden retriever was better
  • She is my first character with powers

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