It's been a long time since I made a new story. This story is about Twi. It is made by SunnyPuppy45.

Summary: Edit

After loosing her parents, Twi sets on an adventure to find a new place to stay. Although she has trouble getting there. She travels from place to place Until she finds a place to stay. Will she find a place to stay or will she forever be lost in the wild?

Characters: Edit


(More to come XD)

Story: Edit

Twi: Ok. This is my first shot of finding a new place to stay. I just hope it isn't too late.

  • Just then, Twi starts walking to the woods.

Twi: Ok here I go *Walking through the woods*

  • Suddenly there is paw steps heard.

"Wolf!" Twi yells

  • She then got pinned down.

Twi: Help!"

  • No one hears her. She picked up a stick and threw it at the wolf.

Twi: Grrrr!The wolf tries to tackle Twi, but she dodged it. She then finally escaped the wolf and runs to safety. Twi: *sighs in relief and then continues walking*

  • She then finds an empty cave and she slept there for the night.

The next day Twi: *Yawns* Next day of my journey.

  • She begins Walking again until she comes across a cat.

(More coming soon)

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