It was a warm sunny day and the pups were packing up to go to the Tundra to see Jake and Everest

Rubble: Ugghhh I can't close my suitcase!

Skye: Maybe because they're too many treats in it.

Rubble: Oh yeah, *eats one of the pup treats* Mmm! Delicious!

Both: *laughs*

Ryder: Pups! time to go!

Rocky: I can't wait to see Tundra and Jake.

Chase: Me neither! This is gonna be awesome!

Zuma: You said it dude!

All of the pups got into the PAW Patroller and realized that Ryder has packed weapons.

Marshall: Um, Ryder why are there weapons?

Ryder: In case anything tries to threaten us.

Chase: I don't think that is going to happen.

Ryder: Still, I don't want us to get attacked.

Ryder: OK Robodog, To the tundra.

Robodog: Arf Arf! *starts driving*

After a few hours of driving a few of the pups fell asleep, and finally they got there

Ryder: Pups! We're here!

Pups: Yeahhh Woohoo

All of the pups get out and so does Ryder. They see Jake and Everest

Pups: Jake!!!!!! *all start to go over and jump on him*

Jake: Hi pups! Hahaha OK OK you can stop now!

Everest: We were just hanging out here with some penguins and having fun!

Rocky: Belly sliding! I'm in! *runs over to penguins and starts belly sliding*

Chase: I'm with Rocky! *runs over to penguins*

And soon, All of the pups are belly sliding!

But the mountain they are belly sliding on turned out to be a back of a SNOW MONSTER


Pups: AH! *jumps off the back*

Ryder: See? This is why I packed the weapons *runs over to get missiles*

Ryder: Pups you get weapons too we need to kill this thing!

All of the pups go over to get bombs, swords, harpoons, and spears

Ryder: Alright on the count of three, We kill that thing! One, Two, Three!!

To be Continued

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