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Tundra is a Snow/ice rescue pup.  

Tundra belongs to Tundrathesnowpup also known as Musicalmutt2 on deviantart

In and out of uniform


Tundra is a sweet pup, but a little bit of a tomboy. She doesn't mind getting down and wrestling and playing with the boys, but also doesn't mind getting a bath and getting groomed and dressed up.  She has trouble fighting back against mean pups, but will do so if her friends are in true danger. She can be a bit hyper-active at times, especially when she's really excited. Though she's very friendly towards people, she has a short fuse when it comes to Alex. Though she cares about him, she gets irritated when he doesn't pay attention to their warnings. She also has a tendancy to get a bit sassy sometimes, especially when provoked and irritated.

When she's older, Tundra gains a more protective side- her motherly instinct kicking in after she has her pups, as well as some worrying tendancies. She gets angry or frustrated easily at anyone that disturbs her family or friends- now that she has more self-confidence, she doesn't have trouble fighting back against anyone. She's very nurturing and caring to her friends and their family as well.


Tundra remembers very little about her parents and her past, only knowing that their father was cold like Blizzard, and their mother was soft and caring for the first month of her life until she passed away. All she can remember is that they both disappeared; not knowing her mother's fate. She also recalls being fairly close to a little girl before she was wrapped in a blanket one night and left in a box on the street corner. She knows her parents had siblings, due to some stories her mother would tell, so she figures she has quite a few cousins she has yet to meet. Unknown to both pups, Everest is also Tundra's cousin, until Tundra was informed by her mother in a dream.

One day when she was playing on Jake's mountain, there was an avalanche. The pup was trapped under a snowman after Blizzard shoved it onto her, but Rocky saved her, thus sparking the crush for him. Though she doesn't acknowledge the crush until she started spending more and more time with Rocky, and he asks her out a month after she's been living at the Lookout. After finding her brother trapped by a few fallen icicles, she saves him, much to his dismay. Her brother was a bully to her, always teasing and nagging on her because she was the runt, not believing that she could live up to anything. His teasing even becomes jealousy when the PAW patrol took her in after Ryder had watched her save him, admiring her use of a sharp stick to smash the icicles. Blizzard still constantly bullies her, sometimes almost getting to the point of violence, until one of the Pups or Ryder intervenes. Though thankfully when he's older, Blizzard redeems himself and tries to be more of an actual brother to her. Now instead of scrounging around the street, Tundra is happily living with the PAW Patrol. A few months down the road she finds out she has half-sisters named Icee and Snowy, and a half-brother named Bleu, though she's closest to Icee by a landslide.

After three years of dating, Tundra and Rocky get married. After a few months or so, they discuss having a family and after a while end up having three lovely pups: Sage , Winter , and Aurora. Though they still handle the tasks of the PAW Patrol, they always make sure they have time for their babies. Another 4 years down the road, Tundra and Rocky become grandparents to 11 puppies! Ace and Winter's pups: Clarity and Breeze and later little Cayo, Aurora and Shadow's pups: Silhouette, Tide , Dusk , Midnight , and Borealis, and finally Sage and Summer's pups: Bear , RJ , and Scarlet. All lovingly spoiled by their grandparents. 


Tundra is a cocoa-brown husky with tan face markings, two socks on her front paws, and on the tip and bottom of her tail. She has bright light blue eyes, with a similar colored blue badge and a light lavender collar. As an adult, she wears a golden pin one her collar that resembles Rocky's badge with a little R on the side of it, which represents a wedding ring and their marriage. 

Regular uniform:

She wears dark purple goggles and backpack with a lighter purple snow coat with even lighter lavender puffy sleeves and bottom of the jacket. 

Dates/Formal outfit:

She curls a little tuft of fur on her head and her tail. She wears a bright lavender bow around her neck, and a small bow on her left ear with a pink middle and little rhinestones around the middle. If the event is fairly formal, she will wear a light blue dress, similar to the one Skye wore for her princess costume, but a little bit longer

Air patrol uniform:

Similar colors to her regular uniform, except a little bit darker and with different markings. The long sleeves have darker purple cuffs, as well as the front part of the outfit. The sleeves have bright sky blue markings down the sides, and her helmet consists of white and blue markings down the front and a small blue squiggle down the sides. Her pup pack is light blue and purple.  

SNOW Patrol uniform:

The looks are very similar to her regular uniform, except now the sleeves are longer. The main body is white, with very light seafoam green poofs along her collar, sleeves, and bottom. The sleeves are a light blue, along with her goggles and pup-pack. the two pockets on the side of her pup-pack are seafoam green with the SNOW Patrol badge on both sides. Rocky gives her his winter hat to wear while up in Snowport since it's much colder up there and he wants her to be warm and think of him while she's away



  • "There's snow job that I can't handle!"
  • "I'm ready to roll like a snowball!"
  • "If it involves snow and ice, you don't have to tell me twice!" 
  • "I'll help the worries melt away!"

Pup Pack tools:

  •  Ice pick
  • Snow Shovel.
  • Two packed up blankets that unravel to a larger size
  • Thermos
  • Mini Heater

Jetpack for Air pups uniform:

  • Salt dispenser that runs through the bottom of the pack and out both sides of the jets (without interfering, there's a small tube) to help with ice and make it safer to travel across
  • Heat lamp with two levels:

-Warm and Toasty: used to help heat up people and animals 

-Melt: To melt away any obstacles like icicles or snowboulders. Very powerful heat. 


  • Her puphouse can turn into a snowmobile that can change its skis to wheels when on the road. Each button has a different meaning:
  • The two gray buttons with paw-prints: They're like levers, one press to the left one turns the vehicle on- and then you can move them forward and backwards and sideways to turn and move forward and backwards.
  • Red: Pushing it once turns the lights on, holding it down honks the horn
  • Blue: Activates the snowplow
  • Green: makes the transformation from asphalt mode(tires) to snow mode(skis) 
  • It can also run on top of water, but she doesn't help out on water rescues unless she's really really needed- like if Zuma and Ryder are stranded somewhere.
  • When she's older Ryder upgrades it so it's able to connect with Rocky's puphouse and is bigger for her adult body.
Too cool


  • Thunder
  • Snakes
  • Clowns and Animatronics (think Chuckie Cheese and Five Nights at Freddy's)/Mascot costumes
  • Since she was abandoned as a pup- Tundra has really bad abandonment issues, and gets scared that she'll be thrown out or replaced at any moment- even by her closest friends. She has nightmares sometimes that make her wake up in tears
  • She also has a slight, tiny fear of falling after she fell down the gorge in Pups and the Search Party. Not afraid of heights or flying, she's just scared of falling. She still very much likes to fly with Skye sometimes and she's not scared to parachute because she knows she has the chute to help her out. It's more like anxiety than a real fear, but she has a moment of hesitation whenever they're parachuting. 


  • Tundra is friends with all the pups, treating most of the boys as brothers, but is more loving towards Rocky, due to her big crush on the Recycling pup. She tends to make friends easily, but she's closest to Skye, Rosie, Mindy, and Princess for her gal pals. She does love playing with the boys; but the girls are her go-to-pups for when she needs advice, a girls' day, or a shoulder to cry on. Out of all the boys, besides Rocky , the ones she's closest to in a platonic, non-romantic, Brotherly sense, has to be Zuma, Cooper, and Marshall. 
  • Princess is her best friend outside of the PAW Patrol pups, and loves to hang out with her. She also loves to playfully tease her and Zuma, since she ships them like crazy.
  • Skye is her best friend in the PAW Patrol since she was the only other girl when she joined in and she loved talking with her and playing around with her-Though Mindy is a very close second- calling her "Snow Sister". She's very close to Mindy and loves to hang out with the Saint Bernard pup.
  • She's close to her sister Icee, But when they're adults, she also gets a tad bit closer to her brother, Blizzard, since he isn't a total jerkasaur anymore
  • She's friends with a lot of other pups, but i am super lazy and don't want to name all of them since the list would probably drag on like her Family list.

Known Family:


  • Snowboarding
  • Ice skating
  • Tug-a-war
  • Hide-and-seek
  • Tag
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling with the boys
  • Building snowmen/snowball fights
  • Singing(sometimes)
  • Pup Pup Boogie
  • Dancing to music(but she's really bad at it if it's not on a Pup Pup Boogie mat XD)
  • Cuddling with Rocky
  • Swinging at the park
  • Getting groomed with the girls
  • Playing with her son and daughters(future gen)
  • Sleeping in the sun
  • sometimes will attempt boogie boarding/surfing at the beach(usually not that good at it and prefers swimming around normally)


  • When i first created her, her name was going to be Alaska- but my friend liked Tundra better.
  • during her rough sketchings, I intended her crush to be on Marshall, and then Zuma, but then changed my mind and stuck with Rocky <3 (And boy am I glad that I did)
  • She was originally a silver husky with a blue outfit and dark blue eyes, but after seeing a brown husky at the dog park, I quickly changed my mind and gave the design to Blizzard.
  • I actually didn't intend to draw her puppies after i posted the pregnancy pic of her and Rocky, but so many people wanted to see what they'd look like, that i ended up making them.
  • When she goes down the slide, she goes down on her belly like a penguin- giggling and barking in small yips
  • When Winter is older, Tundra becomes her mentor, but has to leave most of the hard tasks for Cooper and Icee to teach her because she'd get too nervous and scared for her baby's safety. She worries about Aurora and Sage as well, but she knows that Aurora is in good paws with Zuma, and Sage is under Rocky's care.
  • She's got a better relationship with Blizzard when they're older, but they still butt heads sometimes.
  • If she's ever in distress or freaks out, Rocky knows to rub her tummy, since it's her weak spot/tickle spot
  • She absolutely loves anything bacon flavored(as long as it's edible or a chew toy)
  • Tundra was "born" January 8, 2014
  • She's my first "popular" OC. I've never had an OC this well recognized before and i'm happy/excited that people love her so much
  • Since she found her dad, she's been trying to catch up with him and lets him get to know his grandpups
  • Before she was planned to be a silver husky, she was actually originally going to be a st. bernard. But for some reason i found the jowls really hard to draw so I went with a husky~
  • She likes to bake for her friends, most of their presents being treats around the holidays. She sometimes likes to go sit with mr. Porter and just watch him bake.
  • Tundra likes to go visit Noelle, and the two have regained their bond that they had lost in her puphood. She even lets Noelle play with the puppies
  • She loves watching Rocky play with their kids, enjoying how gentle and kind he is with them. She tries her best to give them all attention- taking them on family walks and playdates at the park
  • I have a Bolt OC named Thunder and sometimes I slip up and end up writing "Thundra" 
  • She won Best Nice OC for the 2014 Fanon awards
  • RockyXTundra won Best Couple for the 2014 Fanon awards
  • She has two stuffed animals that she adores- one is a small blue bear that rocky won for her at the carnival(mentioned in Pups and the Rapids) and another is a kitten that Rocky made out of different soft materials for Valentine's day (mentioned in Tundra's first Valentine's day
  • She and Mindy become Honorary members of the SNOW Patrol. When it gets too hot around the summer days, Mindy and Tundra get to go to Snowport to train with Sam and go on missions to stay on their toes. They even have their own trainees in Snowport, Tundra trains with Tikaani, and very much admires the younger pup and enjoys being around her
  • Even though in the show everest has "8" on her vehicle and sport's uniform- in my fanon Tundra and Mindy came before Everest, so Tundra is 8, Mindy is 9, and Everest is 10

stories she appears in

Stories by me:

Present Day:

Future Generation:

Third Generation:

Song articles/Crossovers:

Creepypasta (not part of canon storyline):


Made by Others:

Stories by others

Canon to my fanonverse:

Tundra-centurion AU:

Other fun stories by other users here! (click link <3)

Collaboration Stories: (All of these are canon except those that are stated otherwise)

Present Day:

Future Gen:

Third Gen:

Voice actresses

Young Tundra: Eva Bella- Voice of young Elsa in Frozen

Older Tundra: Moira Kelly- Voice of Nala in The Lion King


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