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Tulip feels confident.


Tulip is WILD. She loves adventure,horror, and especially tasks. She'll hop into action at the moment. Whenever the pups have a health emergency, she is always there. Her best friends are Piper and Keena


Tulip had become jealous of Piper when she and Keena had joined the team. She tried everything to get them out. Unfortunately she kept failing. Piper had soon gotten mad when Tulip had tried to drive them out of the group. But then Tulip,who had done all those bad things had told them that she was only jealous because they we're hanging out with Rocky the Eco pup. They soon became friends with Tulip, watching out for her slick moves.


Health Emergency Pup

HER tools include:

  • X-ray screen
  • bandage
  • crutch
  • cast

Vehicle and ControlsEdit


(Controls in progress)

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