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Ally: La la la la!

Midnight: Okay Ally could you not sing in the morning? *mutters* Or ever

Ally: Oh you big kidder. Mirror, mirror so smart and cool, who's the fairest at this school?

Mirror: You are Ally

Ally: Greatest mirror ever. I'm going to borrow some jewelry from Parta! Brb! *leaves the room*

Midnight: I wonder if a little magic could get a little more magic going on! *magic bolts start flying out from her fingertips and a big one pings around the room and hits Ally's mirror*

Midnight: *gasps* No!

Ally: La la la la la! Magic mirror what do you think?

Mirror: What do I think * blows raspberry *

Ally: My mirror! Did something happen well I was gone?

Midnight: No nothing that I remember. Come on let's go get you a new mirror. *pulls Ally out of the room*

*Mirror makes more rude noises as they leave*

Parta: My mirror? Sure!

*Parta gives Ally her make up mirror *

Ally: A-are you sure you don't have anything a bit bigger?

Parta: Never know when you need to look good on the go.

*Midnight closes the mirror in Parta's face*

Blondie: Now I am having trouble finding one that is just right. Some are too big, too narrow. Oh I don't like the frames.

*Midnight and Ally look at each other and shrug and leave the room *

Daring: You want to borrow my mirror?

*Ally nods happily*

Daring: Well okay just let me do one last check. * starts putting the mirror at different angles * Oh yea. Looking good handsome.

Midnight: Your never going to get that away from him

Ally: I know

*Both leave the scene*

Ally: This is just the worst thing to ever happen to any one ever!

Midnight: Ally I did it! I broke your mirror!

Ally: Oh I know

Midnight: You what!

Ally: I thought that you did it and lied about it. And I know how you can make it up to me until my new mirror arrives.


Ally: Mirror is this the best thing to wear to Crownculis class?

Midnight(acting as mirror): Of course it is fairest one of- *breaks character* Ow so heavy.

Ally: Stop breaking character

Midnight: I don't want to keep calling you fairest on of them all.

Aly: Come on. Be a good evil room mate

The End... is just the beginning.

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