Tristian is a future gen male Australian cattle dog created by and is owned by SmokythePolicePup. He is the son of Kirk.


Tristian was born to Kirk and his then-wife Jewely. He grew up happy knowing he has a happy family who loves him. Soon, that changed one night when his parents sat him down in their room and told him they were getting a divorce. He burst into tears and didn't understand why his "perfect" family was falling apart. It was then that Kirk told his son that he is gay and wanted to be with a male dog. Tristian lived in denial over the next few weeks as the divorce was finalized and Kirk and Jewely got shared custody of Tristian, although for the time being, he was going to live primarily with his mother until Kirk got settled down with his new life. Eventually his dad dated and married Bon. At first Tristian resented Bon and his family for "being the reason his life was ruined". Eventually Tristian got used to it and considers Bon a second dad and Puck, Polo, Lacey, and Laney his step-siblings. Once Kirk married Bon, Kirk got primary custody of Tristian and he lives with Kirk Monday-Friday and lives with his Mom on the weekends.


Tristian has black fur with a brown muzzle and brown socks on all four paws. He has a long tail with black fur on top and whitish fur on the underside of his tail. He has blueish-green colored eyes, pointy ears, and wears a purple collar.


Tristian is a pup who, like his dad, is really into soccer. His father was his coach for soccer and loves to bond with him. He's really friendly once you get to know him and always gets into mischief. He initially is very cold to Bon and his step-sibling blaming them for his family breaking up but eventually warms up to them and hangs out with them alot.



  • He is the son of Kirk and Jewely.
  • He plays soccer like his dad used to.
  • He has a crush on Cordelia (got permission from Kelly).
  • He has a bad temper.


  • Jewely- Mother
  • Kirk- Father
  • Bon- Stepfather (marriage to Kirk)
  • Puck- Stepbrother
  • Polo- Stepbrother
  • Jack- Stepbrother-in-Law (marriage to Polo)
  • Laney- Stepsister
  • Lacey- Stepsister


Coming Soon!

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