Rocky and His Eco Truck Will Save the Day.

Rocky : Ryder. Need A Paw Down There?

Ryder : I'd Love Some Help. Could you give me a screwdriver .

Rocky : Got It. Claw (Barking)

(His Claw Get's Out Of His Pup Pack)

Ryder : Hurry!

(Rocky is finding while Ryder gets a glass of water)

Rocky : Ryder?

(Rocky don't know Ryder is surprised him)

Ryder : Surprise!

(Rocky surprised out his way.)

Ryder : Hey

Rocky : Who Can I Save?

Ryder : Farmer Yumi.

Rocky : Great.

Ryder : Okay Super Rocky.

(Rocky save Cap'n Turbot , Farmer Yumi and Mayor Goodway)

(The End)

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