After getting Married Ollie and Grace talk about it and the two decide to have Pups, Hence Bones, Russ, Wendell and Hodgin are born.

Apperances Edit

Bones - She is mostly white with very light grey on her cheeks, front paws and the tip of her tail. She also has A black line at the top of the socks on her front paws. Her eyes are purple and she wears a light blue collar

Uniform - She wears a Sky Blue Top with a light Blue Collar. She also has a pair of protective pair of googles she also has a long pair of gloves that she uses

Russ - He is mostly dark grey with a white muzzel, socks, stomach and tail bottom. His eyes are green and he wears a red/orange collar.

Uniform - He wears an Orange/Red Collar with a Pink top, He has a beanie like top

Wendell - She is mostly light grey with white on her chest, Stomach and tail bottom. Her eyes are sky blue and she wears a pink collar

Uniform - She has a Regular Top that is Hot pink she wears a pair of reading glasses when working but otherwise nothing else

Hodgin - TBA

Uniform - He has a Tan and Sand Collored Top, most of it is Tan with a Sand colored Collar and a Sand colored stripe down the center

Personalities Edit

Bones - Bones is a very currious little girl. She likes to explore new things and test out different things till she can find the solution. She of course always has safety equiptment on her so that she doesent get hurt. Shes very coutious when it comes to sience and testing or anything else really

Russ - Russ is very kind and Caring. Hes always looking out for his siblings or anypup else. He sometimes will put others needs before his own but he isnt a doormat and if he really needs/wants something then he will take it he just prefers to help others first

Wendell - Wendell is the school girl shy steryotype. She doesent talk to other pups very often. She usualy spends her time working on school prodgects.

Hodgin - Hodgin is currious just like his sister Bones, but he doesent take nearly as mutch percaution as her. He likes to get down and dirty right away. The only time that hes really carefull is when hes doing his job because he doesent want to break any of the bones.

Trivia Edit

Jobs Edit

Bones - Bones wants to grow up to be a Scientist, She Trains under Adam and her Tag is a Test Tube with liquid spilling out

Russ - He is training under Gertrude to be a Pupsitter, His Crest is a Baby Blanket and a Binky

Wendell - Wendell wants to be an Anthropologist when she grows up, her Crest being 2 Bones crossing to make an X formation

Hodgin - He Trains under Indiana to become an Archeology Pup, his Crest is a bone sticking out of Dirt with a Tan Background

Catchprases Edit

Bones - TBA

Russ - TBA


  • "Sticks and Stones will break your Bones"

Hodgin - TBA

Pup Packs Edit


  • Pipette
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Test Tubes


  • Music Box
  • Claw for helping Babies/Puppies


  • Human Anatomy Map
  • Different thigns to put samples in
  • an X-Ray


  • Small Shovel
  • Excavating Brush
  • Mesuring Tape

Vehicles Edit

Bones - TBA

Russ - He drives a Mini Van with places for pups in the back

Wendell - She does not drive a vehicle

Hodgin - TBA

Random Edit

  • They are all named after characters from the show Bones

Crushes Edit

Bones - TBA

Russ - When he met Anastasia he knew that she was a sweet pup and wanted to be friends with her, eventualy though his feelings grey from friends to having a crush on her but soon he admited his feelings and the two started dating.

Wendell - When she meets Alley she falls for him and soon the two start dating.

Hodgin - TBA

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