This is a page listing all the trainees and their estimated date of joining/creation and a little information.

Name: Date of Joining: Date of Creation: Owner: Master: Crush: First Appearance:
Icee September, 10th, 2014 July 18th, 2014 Lumina&IceeBby~ Tundra Andrew Pups have an "Icee" day
Smoky August, 19th, 2014 August, 22, 2014 SmokythePolicePup Chase Kailey Rocky's Jealousy
Andrew N/A August, 16th, 2014 Purple Paw Prints :) :) Rocky Icee N/A
Kailey N/A August, 23, 2014 Tundrathesnowpup Zuma Smoky A Smoky Past
Med January, 31, 2015 November, 22, 2014 Tbrays30 Marshall Angel Pups and the Fire
Rusty May, 30th, 2015 January, 22, 2015 MidnightCollies Rubble Laika Pups and the Ruff Rescue
Angel February, 18, 2015 January 10, 2015 Puppylove5 Skye Med Pups get an Angel

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