Toffee belongs to Lunar Lex.

He is Bugsy's younger brother.


Toffee is a very shy and extremely quiet corgi. He is only comfortable around his family members, and he also has a little bit of other problems. He's rather sickly and gets sick way too easily, and took a lot longer than Bugsy to learn how to talk. In addition, he is very weak, and he also has something kind of like dyslexia. Bugsy still loves him regardless, and Toffee really looks up to her. Even though he is skittish and shy, he is still very sweet. He tends to blush a lot.


Coming soon~

Appearance Edit

Toffee is a gold corgi with a dark brown saddle on his back. He has an off-white streak down his face, and the white goes from there to the tip of his tail. Dark brown freckles are scattered on his face. He has dark brown socks on his front paws with off-white toes. His eyes are chocolate brown.


  • Toffee looks more like his mother, while Bugsy looks more like her father.
  • His favorite place is the woods.
  • Neither of his parents have his eye color, so he must have gotten it from a different family member.
  • He kind of has a crush on Stratus despite her being slightly younger than him, but he doubts she'll ever like him back. Bugsy always tries over and over to make Stratus notice Toffee, but Toffee is super shy to the point of running right away if he's in her presence.
  • Toffee is content without a job and lives in an apartment with his 26-year-old owner. It took a while for him to get used to it, and his parents still visit him quite a lot.

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