Tip belongs to Lunar Lex.


She is Dearley's trainee and is in Deaton's Paw Patrol.


Tip's personality is more like Chase's than Dearley's. She's very serious and mature, and likes to think she's bigger than she actually is. She hates being called little or cute and is rarely seen smiling, but she will smile if pleased, excited, or happy. She grew up with Gizmo and still treats him like a little brother. A lot of people don't take Tip seriously because of her breed, and she hates that. She also hates being squeezed or cuddled, and will probably bite someone if they try to do that, but not too hard. Tip is always willing to make sure laws and rules are followed.


Tip came from a Pomeranian breeder in California all the way to Adventure Bay. She got her name from how her ear tips and tail tip are black. She has lived with Gizmo her entire life (although she's a few months older than him) and treats him like a little brother, even if they're complete opposites, Tip always following rules and Gizmo always breaking them. One day, she met Deaton, and he thought she'd make a perfect police pup, so he made her Dearley's trainee. Even if Tip isn't the toughest police pup there is, she sure knows her stuff.


Tip is a pure white pomeranian with black tips on her ears and her tail. In addition, her front paws' toes are also black. Her nose is a dull pink and her eyes are brown.


Tip wears a dark teal uniform exactly like Chase's. She wears a police hat just like his, only without the yellow stripe on it. Her badge has a picture of silver handcuffs on it behind a golden star.



  • Whistle
  • Net
  • Megaphone
  • Spotlight


  • A dark teal police car


  • Tip has a strong fear of horses and animals similar to a horse. There's something about them that scares her.


  • "I'll stop any crime just in time!"

Crush Edit

One day, Tip runs into Augustin. The two get to know each other, and talk about their interests in police work. Then, after a while, they officially start dating.


  • Tip may be a bit growly, but she still is nice.
  • She gets angry whenever someone mentions that she could date Gizmo, since she sees him as a brother.
  • She currently has no crush.
  • She really likes hanging out with her mentor, Dearley.
  • Tip may be related to Misha somehow.
  • She takes pride in her fluff and hates getting wet because it flattens her fur.

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