Timothy (Often called Tim) belongs to Lunar Lex.

He is a civilian pup that lives in Foggy Bottom who visits the Paw Patrol a little bit.


Tim is a very nice and kind pup. He's always willing to give someone a compliment. He also loves music and carries around a guitar with him to play whenever he wants to. He also has a rough-and-tumble side to him, and likes getting down and dirty play-fighting with the other boys sometimes, but mostly he's pretty calm.


Tim's mother was a stray and his father, Clayton, was a pet. His parents would often spend lots of time with each other, until one day, Tim was born. His mother got taken in by the animal shelter workers a few months after he was born. That left his father and his owners to take care of him. His owners were originally going to give Tim away, but his father pleaded for them to keep him. Tim still lives with his father to this day.

Tim is good friends with the Paw Patrol. He used to have a HUGE crush on Everest, often trying to impress her and serenade her with his guitar, but to no avail. When Tim saw her with Koho, he was heartbroken and held a grudge against Koho for a short time. Later, Tim met a pup named Agnes, and the two got along great and fell in love instantly. They later get married after dating for a year, and Agnes has three pups named Drew, Jeremy, and Vulcan.


Tim is a pure white mixed breed dog with black head fluff and a black fluffy tail that curls inward. His ears are semi-perked and fluffy at the tips. He wears a brown-black collar with a salmon colored heart ID. His paws are also very large.


  • He is, as stated before, a mutt. He may be a cross between a Samoyed, a poodle, an Old English Sheepdog, a white shepherd, and a couple others nobody can identify.
  • He was originally a Paw Patrol member, but I scrapped that and made him just a civilian since the last thing the team needs is a guitar-playing dog.

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