These are second generation pups that are shared between Crescenttherangerpup98 and Smartpup Chase76. Johana and Seth went on to have four pups in two litters two in the first litter, and two in the second litter.


Dako- He is the sweet guy who is very generous and also very shy too, and he isn't very strong and he can get scared very easily.

Roxane- She has a very bad temper, and also very mean to her brothers, and sister, and she can a bit of a hot headed and has a very short fuse, and can she be a bit of a sore looser, and has been know to be a thief and a criminal.

Siren- She is a very sweet pup, and will try her best to try to correct Roxane in anyway she can. That includes scratching her behind her ears to calm her down, but she also loves Dako to bits.

Nackos- He is a very smart guy as he is a prodigy, and will help and protect Dako at all times and he will most likely get good grades in school.


Dako- Dako is a Black and White American Akita like his mother with blue eyes, and floppy ears, and he doesn't have a collar. But sadly he does have weak back legs.

Roxane- Roxane is a American Stafford Terrier like her father with blue eyes like her brothers, she also has straight ears and a white collar with no tag. And unlike Dako she has strong legs.

Siren- Siren is a Black and White American Akita like her brother Dako and mom with grey eyes, and floppy ears, and she like her sister and brother Nackos she has strong legs as well

Nackos- Nackos is a mix between a American Akita and American Stafford Terrier with his mother's fur on his upper body, and his father's fur on his lower body. And he also has blue kawai puppy eyes.


Dako in Second Generation is abandoned up until third generation after being adopted by the W.I.N.G Patrol

Roxane love her mom, but hates her dad, and will not accept him as her father even though they look the same

Roxane hates being called by her full name Roxane Andrea

Siren always tries to correct Roxane even though Roxane doesn't want her too

Siren has emophobia which causes her to faint at the sight of blood

Nackos's name was suggested by Tundrathesnowpup

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