This pup belongs to Sarah the FBI pup and exists in Tundra's fanon. I adopted her from Lunar-lex. If anyone has problems with her, I will change it immediately



The original picture by Lunar-Lux. Will draw her soon.

Tiffani is very outgoing and friendly. She's very kind and soft spoken, and loves helping others. She can be a bit over excited at times, but is very spirited. She loves spending time with friends and family, and will get a bit silly around puppies. She's very nice and will say yes to almost everything, she's not very assertive and will sometimes be a doormat.


She's a dark grey cocker spaniel with brown eyes and bluish black spots on her muzzle and ears. Her ear tips and back are also a bluish black color. She wears a big sattin blue bow and a pale orange collar. Her tag is light lemon yellow with a picture of a thumbs up.


Tiffani is a Volunteer pup. She helps out where she can, and will fill in for others when they aren't there to do her job or aren't able too. Her uniform is a light lemon yellow and contains a whole lot of features.


  • small Emergency kit
  • screw driver
  • magnifying glass
  • head lamp


Tiffani's here to volunteer!

I'll help fill in the missing pieces!

I have all the right tools to help get the job done right! (all three were thought up by Rory on the go! thank you!)



  • She is a bit of a match maker and loves pairing pups together
  • She has a crush on Harold. She met him one day when she was walking by the beach, and fell in love with the cute pup.
  • She has ADHD
  • She is very good around puppies
  • She likes to be in open places, but at the same time doesn't have claustrophobia
  • She likes taking walks by the beach
  • Tiffani prefers to be called Tiff, expecting her full name only to be used in serious situations.




Spitz: she's friends with her, though not too close.

Marshall: She really likes the pup (as a friend)


Snakes, lizards, frogs, most reptiles actually.

Stories she appears inEdit


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