Tic Tac is a first gen pup owned and co-owned by PrincessHyperSkippy aka Skippy on DA and Rockydog (I know XD I just made a new oc tho i am in a mood for two more.)

Personality Edit

He is a more mellow then his sister Skittles. He loves to help people despite his past. He is super friendly he loves to meet new people. He's tries to not get his disability get in the way of his life.

Appearance Edit

He is a mix breed no one knows what he is. He is a mostly a all white dog. He has pointy ears with dark blue spots on them. he also has a orange tummy. His eye's are blue on the right and green on the left.

Bio Edit

His. life with his sister was tricky, They were both born stray's. They never really had a family to call they own. They lived on the streets of Adventure Bay with they mother. Tho..when they were just...when there were 3 months old Skittles..was in running towards the streets...and her mother saved her...tho she didn't make now Tic Tac and her are on they own. When there were on the streets Tic Tac found a iPod and listened to music way to loud..and burst his ear drums so..cause of it..he's deaf in both ears.

Stories he's in Edit

Present Gen Edit

Future Gen Edit

A sweet addition to the DPP

Pups and The Present Drive

The Disabled PAW Patrol goes to London

Pups and the search for the Easter Puppy

Double Blooming Romance, A Pair of New Beginnings

Fears Edit

Water (tho he's fine drinking)

Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects.

Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.

Trivia Edit

He in second gen can sense Ashes's low blood sugar.

This is..very slightly based on a dog I used to knew in real life.

He is deaf but can hear thanks to some hearing aids

He is deaf cause he listened to music to loud. "note the dog i knew in real life was deaf so not trying to copy anyone.

Crush. He thinks he won't find one cause of his deafness tho one day meets Serene. first she didn't want to tell her cause he was afraid she wouldn't like him.