Rocky meets Ryder at his garment factory, before the duo drive to the Vangelico Jewellery Store. Once on location, Lester instructs him to walk in and use a camera-hat to take pictures of the displays, ventilation and alarm system.

Afterwards, Rocky goes around the block and go upstairs to the roof via a building in renovation in order to scout for the store's ventilation sources.

Back at the garment factory, Ryder sets up a planning board and offers two ways to execute the heist to Rocky.

A few Days Later, paring up with Tundra and Somky, the heist started, Driving from the garment factory in a Primo, Rocky will drop Zuma at the construction site while the driver and gunman park the Bugstars van in front of the jewel store. Franklin traverses the roofs from around the block and uses the vantage point from the recon mission, throws a can of gas in the air vent. The gas pumps into the store, knocking out everyone inside.

Afterwards, Rocky, the driver, and the gunman will enter and start ransacking the store while Zuma goes to get the bikes. The amount of time available before the alarm starts will depend on the picked hacker.

Once the raid was done, Zuma escapes on bike with the Tundra and Spomky. The motorcycle depends on the driver, but won't make a difference. The crew, evading the cops and escape into the tunnel to access the sewers. Spomky crashs and fall off his bike before entering the tunnel.

Using the city sewers to evade the police, the crew eventually ends up at the Los Santos River into a pack of cops. In the meantime, Rocky and the hacker went to get the delivery truck and use it to crash the cops out of the way.

Once the police have been lost, the bikes are loaded onto the truck and are driven to Ryder's lockup where the crew parts ways. The maximum take for the mission is $4,946,153 if the team smashes all 20 displays and chooses a good gunman (for the smart approach) or a good driver (for the loud approach). $2,500,000 will then go to The fat controller while the rest gets split between the crew.

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