Tundra and Skye were arguing over whether Skye can have a male friend stay the night. Rocky retreats out to the pool with a drink and listens to music, only to be interrupted by Zuma.

Zuma and Rocky talk. Zuma is interested in learning from Rocky's criminal experience, but Rocky claims that he's alone and encourages Zuma to go to pup school so he can "rip off humans and get paid to do it." Still, Rocky takes an interest in Zuma and offers to buy him a Toy at a Toy shop. Zuma accepts. The two start to leave, but are interrupted when Rocky gets a call from his adopted brother, Chase; to which Chase informs Rocky that he tried to sell the Oowner's yacht, without his his permission. The buyers steal the boat instead, leaving Chase to cower and hide in the boat's bathroom as the thieves drive it on a trailer down the Great Ocean Highway.

the Owner takes Rocky and Zuma in his Sentinel and head to Pacific Bluffs. Along the way, Rocky states that while he lost Marshall and his family, if Zuma sufficiently impresses him on this outing, Rocky might teach Zuma a thing or two. They reach the Great Ocean Highway and they spot Rocky's yacht flying by, pulled by a Phantom. The two give chase as the thieves follow the Del Perro Freeway. To save Chase, Zuma climbs onto the car hood and jumps on the yacht and deals with the goons on the stern before retrieving Rocky's brother. However, Chase gets hit by the boat's boom and ends up dangling over the freeway while holding on to the boom. Phill the owner pulls up close and Chase drops into the Sentinel. Rocky then gets near enough to the boat so that Zuma can jump to safety.

Rocky wants to pursue the thieves but the engine of the Sentinel begins to break down, due to a goon shooting it. The goons, unfortunately get away, leaving Manny and Rocky disappointed. The three drive to Los Santos Customs. Rocky and Zuma take a taxi while Manny and Chase get the Sentinel repaired. Following that, Zuma and Chase agree to hang out more.


  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Chase
  • Skye
  • Tundra
  • Phill (Does not Speak)
  • Marshall (Mentioned)
  • Ben (Mentioned)

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