Rocky comes home, calling for his Girlfriend Tundra. He steps out of the house and heard Tundra screening, causing him to act suspiciously. He confronts Tundra when he walks to his room and he finds that she was being attacked by Skiff. Skiff attempts to reason with Rocky, but he is too furious, so the coach jumps out of the window. Soon, Zuma arrives and helps Rocky track down the tennis coach.

Phill takes The two in a "borrowed" The Mighty Bush Bison and chase Skiff on the road, losing him briefly only to find his car Driver outside of a nearby mansion. Rocky threatens Skiff as he is hiding on the deck. Zuma then ties the truck's cable wire winch onto the deck's support beams. Rocky and Zuma get inside the truck and Phill accelerates, causing the support beam to buckle and the entire house to collapse and slide down the cliff.

As they drive away, Skiff calls Rocky on his color and warns him that the mansion they destroyed wasn't his, it was the home of a powerful gangster's mistress, and tells Rocky that he will send goons to kill them.

They manage to hold them off and make it back to Manny's mansion, but are cornered by Sir Topham Hat (NPPC) and his goons. Sir Topham Hatt beats Rocky with a baseball bat and demand that he should pay for the damages he has caused. With no choice, Rocky proclaims his return to the life of crime.


  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Tundra
  • Skiff
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Phill (Does Not Speck)

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