Thorn belongs to Sarah the FBI pup also known as Levatheshapeshifter on deviantart. She is a Supernatural researcher pup

info Edit

Thorn is a little bit grumpy, but very hard working. She loves to lay around all the day and sleep, but when needed she is very energetic and attentive. She is secretly a were-wolf, and can change when ever she wants. She is a especially good friend to those she's close to, and welcomes all with open paws. She loves to play games, and will usually get out of bed early to play.

appearance Edit

She is a tawny gold colored Yellow Jack puggle Lab Terrier. Her ears are half perked and a dark brown color, and so is the tip of her nose. The rest of her muzzle is white and so is her paws. She has a black spot on his back, and a spot on her tail. Her tail is much shorter than others', and is half curled. Her legs are black above the white paws. Her collar is neon purple and her eyes are green.

uniform Edit

Her uniform is dark purple. She wears a black hat similar to Chase's, as she needs to be shown a bit of authority when catching the supernatural. Her tag is a copper-gold color with a ghost being her crest.

relatives Edit

Drake: father

Hera: mother

Daphne: aunt

Rob: uncle

Draco: brother

Lucky(Sarah) mate

Sarah the FBI pup: cousin

Leroy: cousin

Shiloh: cousin

Zuma: Cousin-in-law

Alainna: Cousin-in-law

Alaister: Cousin-in-law

Crackship fanon Edit

Drake: father

Hera: mother

Daphne: aunt

Rob: uncle

Draco: brother

Alainna: mate

Danelle: son

Alysha: daughter

Lannie: daughter

Coacomo: son

Mori: daughter

Lidia: daughter

Noell: daughter

Gingi: son

Gladyss: daughter

Sarah the FBI pup: cousin

Leroy: cousin

Shiloh: cousin

Shooter: cousin-in-law

Trivia Edit

  • She can get a little angry if someone comments on the X-shaped scar on her chest.
  • She loves to eat Bacon.
  • She doesn't like infecting others with her werewolf curse.
  • She loves to get tickled.
  • She has to sleep during the day since she is a werewolf at night.
  • She has a crush on Lucky
  • In the Crack-ship fanon, she married Alainna

Fears Edit

She is afraid of a full moon, as it is the only time she can't control herself when in werewolf mode. She's also slightly afraid of spiders

friends Edit

Sarah the FBI pup: friend

Leroy: friend

Zuma: best friend

Chase: best friend

Marshall: BFFAEAEAEAE (Best Friend Forever And Ever And Ever And Ever And Ever)

rival Edit

Rocky: Arch nemesis. They don't get along to well, and Thorn has a tendency to spray water on him on accident...

likes Edit

  • Steak
  • Bacon
  • Sleeping
  • Playing
  • The beach
  • The sea
  • Swimming
  • Howling
  • Helping friends
  • Talking to Marshall
  • Chasing Rabbits
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Doing her job

dislikes Edit

  • Vegetables
  • Fighting
  • Bullies
  • Vampires
  • Full Moons
  • Rocky
  • waking up
  • Listening to speeches
  • Races of any kind (too much noise)
  • Spiders (half afraid of them)

Stories she appears in Edit

Meeting you

25 days of Christmas

Gallery Edit

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